digital media student by day, artist by night and a full-time weeb


Fazrin Mhd | Brunei | Female | 20+

I'm Faz/Ren (Ren for all of you online)! Currently in my 3nd year in Digital Media, and also an aspiring illustrator/games designer.

I usually draw fanart of anime/games that I enjoy, but sometimes I enjoy photography, make AMVs or write fan-fiction when i'm not drawing.


= Fate series (stay night/Grand Order)
= Persona series (3/5)
= Digimon
= Pokemon
= Ace Attorney
= Inazuma Eleven
= Kagerou Project
= K project
= Hypnosis Mic
= Professor Layton
= Zero Escape
= Danganronpa (1, I played 2, but not finished so pls don't spoil me huhu)
= Steins;Gate

fictional obsessions

= Rin Tohsaka
= Makoto Yuki (P3MC)
= Fuuka Yamagishi
= Shirou Emiya
= Yusuke Kitagawa
= Futaba Sakura
= Kido Tsubomi
= Kokonose Haruka 'Konoha'

Commissions are closed at the moment, but if you'd like to for serious inquiries, please email me at fazrin.mhd@hotmail.com